We are an agency with Multiple Insurance Carriers

providing you with the most inexpensive insurance rates

There are three key elements that must always be protected at all costs, your valuables, your assets, and your family! We have the solution for it all and work diligently to provide a warm and welcoming experience which is hassle free, thrilling, and family oriented!

Protecting your valuables such as your vehicles is crucial in the event of an accident or catastrophe occurs! We make sure your limits obtained are not only high but we look out for the most affordable prices!

Protecting your assets such as your home is one of our specialties ensuring that your home is protected in the event of a catastrophe, theft, vandalism, and outright flood. We protect that which you work diligently to pay off.

Protecting your family is our number 1 concern. Ensuring your family's future is by far the msot important matter any parent or guardian can express in. We make sure your family receives the compensation they deserve in the case if you or your beloved partner were to encounter an expected or unexpected death.

Protecting What Matters Most:

- Your Valuables

- Your Assets

- Your Family

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Auto Insurance

We make sure your vehicle contains the correct coverage you need to ensure your valuables and family are protected in the time of an accident. Trust our agency to treat your family as a part of our own!

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Homeowners Insurance

We make sure your home contains the correct limits and coverage plan to ensure your safety and the replacement of your family! Trust our agency with your assets and see why customers become our family!

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Business Insurance

We make sure your business not only gets started but is also maintained with the correct amount of coverage! Trust our agency with your business whether small or large and we will work diligently to make your experfience as painless so you could grow your business!

Health Insurance (Coming Soon)

We will help customers obtain and maintain affordable health insurance plans while making sure your deductibles remain low and your co-pays remain almost non-existent! Trust our family to make sure your family is covered with the right product and with a great company!

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Life Insurance

We help families protect the future of their loved ones! We make sure your family have the necessary funds, protection, and plan in place in case your family experiences the most difficult time of all, the lost of a loved one! Trust our agency to handle this matter as if it was one of our own!

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We help landlords maintain the correct limits of coverage and provide advice in the realm of insurance on how to handle tenants in the event of a claim rises! Trust our agency to make sure you have the right coverage in place and to provide you the advice you need to make sure your investment asset is protected!

Landlord Insurance

​​​​​​​AT OUR WORK

We parade around the reviews we receive and we work diligently to ensure our customers are not just satisfied but delighted with our service. There is a reason why customers eventually become our family! Check out our testimonials below!

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If you liked our service please feel free to visit our page and leave our agency a review to the right! As mentioned prior, we parade around delighting our customers and want to make sure your experience has been a fulfilling one! Please rate us so we can know if we are doing a good job!

Protecting What Matters Most!

Protecting your future the Family Based Way!!!!

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The Family Based Agency (Insurance Division) is an insurance agency representing multiple carriers providing you the quality of service with the convenience of saving tons of money! Our agency was founded on March 01, 2017 servicing the States of Alabama and Connecticut and are looking to expand into a few other states like New York, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Tennessee in the near future. Our team of dedicated individuals are eager to assist you with all of your insurance needs! Feel free to give us a call or email our team directly!


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Ricky Henriques
Agency Owner

Dayana Henriques
Agency Owner

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Need to make a change to your policy or make a payment? We make it easy for you to have access and make changes from the comfort of this website without the hassle of calling our agency! If you are unable to use this service then feel free to contact our office directly at 203-567-0095​​​​​​​ and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you! Thank you!



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States We Operate In: Alabama | Connecticut

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